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Niklas Luhmann // Perception and Communication from Art as a Social System [click here]

Alissa Ordabai // The Occult Prong of the Kremlin’s Propaganda Machine [click here]

Antonin Artaud // Heliogabalus, or The Anarchist CrownedLearn More [click here]

Asbjørn Dyrendal // Hidden Knowledge, Hidden Powers [click here]

Scott Benzel // Hexentexte Syllabus Summer 2018 [click here]

CERN, Faust [click here]

CIA-RDP96-00787R000200180001-SRI PSI [click here]

David H. Price // Buying a Piece of Anthropology-Kubark_Pt_2 [click here]



Anarchist Transhumanist Manifesto [click here]

Abbot Flatlandromancec [click here]

ACKER Against Ordinary Language [click here]

Bellegarigue Anarchist [click here]

Brassier // Nihil unbound enlightenment and extinction [click here]

Calder Williams // Apocalypse [click here]

Chatelet // Metaphore Mental Ecology [click here]

Critchley // Mystical Anarchism [click here]

Davis // TechGnosis [click here]

Delanda // Philosophy and simulation the emergence of synthetic reason [click here]

Easterling // Disposition [click here]

Derrida // Plato [click here]

Fanon // Black Skin White Masks Pluto Classics [click here]

Feyerabend Paul // Against Method [click here]

FRR Consultation Report // Our Sexual Future with robots [click here]

Gentner Bowdle Metaphor [click here]

Gillis // 15 Post-primitivist theses [click here]

Graeber // Anarchist archeo [click here]

Hartman // Venus in two acts [click here]

Higley Alien // Intellect and the Roboticization [click here]

Hideous Gnosis // Black Metal Theory Symposium [click here]

Kandel // Biology and the Future of Psychoanalysis [click here]

Masciandaro // pNEuMenOn [click here]

Melancology [click here]

Merleu Ponty // Eye and mind [click here]

Metahumanist Manifesto [click here]

Metzinger // Being No One Self Model Theory Of Subjectivity [click here]

Metzinger // Ego Tunnel [click here]

Mind in cave [click here]

Negarestani // Solar inferno and the earthbound abyss [click here]

Panksepp12 [click here]

Philopseudes [click here]

Shipley // Dreaming Death [click here]

Stirner // The ego and his own [click here]

Thacker // Cosmic pessimism [click here]

The Italian Difference Between Nihilism And Biopolitics [click here]

Undercommons-web [click here]

Woodward Ben // Ungrounded Earth Towards a New Geophilosophy [click here]

Yuval Davis Power // Intersectionality and the Politics of Belonging [click here]

Zalamea Multilayered sites and dynamic logics for transits between art and mathematics [click here]

Ireland // The Poememenon: Form as Occult Technology [click here]

Strauss // Tyranny [click here]